What Are the Benefits of Building Inspections?

Building Inspections Melbourne being the largest independent construction regulation body in Australia, has come a long way in the last few years. With the help of the Australian Building Survey (ADSI) which is also the accrediting body for most construction companies, they have been able to significantly improve their inspection services. They now conduct site visits, site investigations, site surveys, site investigations, risk assessments and post site investigations. Their goal is to ensure that the best practices for building are followed at each stage of project life, ensuring compliance with local and national legislation, regulatory requirements and best practice practices.

Building Inspections Melbourne provides its members with a comprehensive suite of services that include site investigations which are designed to provide detailed information on the condition of a property. The site investigation assesses the condition of the building and helps determine whether it is safe to occupy or whether action needs to be taken to improve the condition of the property. The next stage of Building Inspections Melbourne include a risk assessment which identifies the risks to the project including risks to occupants, equipment, structural defects, environmental risks, maintenance liabilities and costs etc. As part of the risk assessment, the inspectors will consider the likely impacts of the risks to people, equipment and infrastructure and identify how those impacts could be mitigated. Site investigations identify non-permitted areas and issues which could affect the development of the project including the impact on building regulations, heritage planning and local consultation issues.

As part of the ADSI, Building Inspections Melbourne continually conducts voluntary site investigations. In order to achieve this, Building Inspectors Melbourne have developed a range of voluntary program standards which are monitored by the Accredited Building Inspectors Program Board. Building Inspectors Melbourne offers several voluntary programs including the Pre-Purchase Building Reports Program, which is offered to all potential residents, buyers and purchasers of new properties; and the Sub-divisional Building Inspections Program, which is available to house owners within one particular subdivision or building.

The Pre-Purchase Building Reports Program offers a free report that identifies any defects or concerns that may be identified during a visual inspection. The document also provides details about the expected life cycle of the product, the condition it would have in the circumstances described, the probability of repair and the costs associated with such repairs. This information can prove invaluable to buyers. The Pre-Purchased Building Reports program was designed to assist the buying process, giving them valuable information about their new product without having to visit the site themselves. The inspection report also assists the builder with ensuring that the purchaser complies with the building regulations.

The Victorian Government’s Building Registration Office regulates many aspects of home building and home improvement, including pre-purchase building inspections. This office is responsible for ensuring that all home inspectors, as well as building surveyors, adher to national building regulation standards. Victorian Home Inspector training courses are also available from the Department of Sustainability in Victoria. Both training courses focus on building inspection safety and compliance issues, as well as providing the opportunity to obtain an industry recognised qualification.

Building Inspections Melbourne provide an excellent opportunity to learn about building and construction related regulations and practices. They also help people determine if they require any adjustments to their dwelling prior to purchase. In the event of an inspection, the inspector will assess the condition of the property and give advice on how to make the most of the space that they have been provided. The Victorian House Inspection Service offers free home inspections in Melbourne, Geelong, Ballarat, Melbourne Bay, Brunswick, Norwood, Broadlands, Maroubra, and Kiewa. These locations make up a large portion of the whole state and allow homebuyers to get free unbiased advice from professional inspectors.

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