Top 5 Tips For Heavy Duty Machinery Maintenance Ensuring Its Performance And Durability

Heavy machinery and equipment, requires constant maintenance to keep it in good working condition which also affects the ROI. Poorly maintained and obsolete machines can raise serious safety concerns and untimely breakdowns can cost the company. Here are some tips on how you can keep your heavy duty machinery in a good working condition-

Trained multiple operators

Large machineries usually have multiple operators. Usually services like excavator hire by Melbourne Tippers or truck loading which give out heavy duty machineries on rent have multiple operators working on their machinery. Operator training is usually done at that point, but training needs to be kept up. Employees come and go, skills become rusty and poor operation leads to breakdowns. This can lead to serious safety concerns. With new technological upgrades, operators should also be updated.

Lubricants must be tested frequently

Lubricants must be tested and added frequently, especially for companies that provide bobcat hire services or excavator hire services. Lubricants are used to reduce friction and extend the life of the machinery. Regular testing and adding lubricants when it is required can reduce the chances of sudden breakdowns. Checking the used lubricant can also help in diagnosing the problem and will indicate which part may be suffering from wear or breakdown.

Maintaining cleanliness

Large machineries usually have filters to keep its parts clean from contamination. It is the keeper’s job to keep those filters clean. Filters must be checked and changed frequently. Machinery must be kept in a shed or in a garage when possible. Exposure to rain and sun can lead to rotting. These things must not be missed while inspecting your excavator or truck as it can lead to breakdowns.

Signs of wear

Vibrations, frequent usage and shock can lead to breakdown of the machinery. Vibrations can come from gears and belts which are out of alignment. Shock can be a result of accidents or poor operating technique. Age can contribute to wear of belts. Seal will dry and crack. Age is a huge factor. These signs must be checked whether you own a single machinery or provides truck loader services. With the machines at Melbourne Tippers you don’t have to worry about signs of wear because they’ve got some of the best machines in the industry, whether you’re looking for bobcat hire services or excavators, they’re the team to call.

Keep maintenance scheduled

Machinery maintenance must be scheduled. A record book must be maintained to keep a record of when were the last inspection done, lubricant testing schedule and things like when the last filter was changed. This kind of book keeping is usually done by companies who provides bobcat hire services. But even if you own a personal heavy duty vehicle, this kind of scheduling helps in extending the life of your machinery.

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