Buying Brass Monkey Drawer Fridge in Melbourne

brass monkey drawer fridge

Brass monkey fridges are top-opening, so they’re easy to load and unload. They’re efficient, too, and can reduce noise levels to less than 40 dB – perfect for campers or noisy work environments. Plus, these fridges are very versatile – larger models can come with extras like slide drawers, insulating covers, and folding fridge stands. But be warned: they need all-round clearance.

While Brass Monkey fridges are reasonably priced compared to other brands, they can still be expensive if you live outside mainland Australia. The difference in price is the extra insulation, which can extend the fridge’s life and reduce power consumption. You’ll also save on the cost of power bills, as the fridge requires less electricity to maintain temperature. For the discerning camper, the Brass Monkey fridge is worth the investment. You’ll be happy to know that you’ll never run out of storage space again.

Buying a brass monkey drawer fridge is a smart way to keep drinks cold and food cool. It comes with a touchscreen control panel, which you can use to set the temperature, and a QR code you can scan with a pre-installed QR reader. The fridge can be paired with a smartphone or tablet via the 11BRASS MONKEY FRIDGE application. The app requires the 11SET button on the fridge control panel to pair with the fridge. Then, the smart device can start using the app to control the various functions of the fridge.

There are two main types of Brass Monkey units. Single zone units can be used as either a fridge or freezer, and dual zone units have one compartment as a fridge and one as a freezer. All Brass Monkey fridges have a large capacity range, ranging from a small 9L model to a massive 100L freezer. The range of features and prices makes Brass Monkey fridges a great buy no matter how much space you have in your home.