A Guide To Plastering

Everyone has heard about external cladding in Melbourne, but what about that layer before that means so much more? Plaster! Despite the common conception about plastering, plenty of people don’t know what it is about. They are lost for words when it comes to explaining what this process details. Luckily, we are here for you. This blog post will be focusing on all the key elements that come with plastering. Keep reading below to find out about them.  

What is Plaster?

For over a century, plaster has been used in the building of homes and properties. This is due to the inexpensive, durable, and simple nature of the material. The way it works is when the key elements of the material (sand, lime, and gypsum) are mixed together it will create thick paste  that quickly dries and hardens after being applied to walls. Hence it “plasters” over.

Where Is Plaster Used?

You’ll find plaster in both residential and commercial buildings. Plaster can be used to coat walls and ceilings or it can be used to create entirely new walls made up solely of plaster. You can get people to do it for you or you can do the job yourself if you feel up for it.

What Is The Main Purpose Of Plastering?

So what is the main purpose of plastering? Why do businesses offer it and people try to DIY it? Here are the main reasons on why people undertake plastering in their homes:

  • Repairing Cracks
    Cracks are going to happen from time to time, and fortunately a small crack in your plaster is a relatively easy fix with some plastering.
  • Adding Extra Layers
    Sometimes your home might need extra layers on the wall for protection. You can also ensure that your home is secure by plastering the outside.
  • Internal and External Wall Insulation
    Plastering can be also used as an internal and external wall insulation in Melbourne homes as a layer of protection.

Do It Yourself Or Hire Someone?

There are two ways to get plastering in your home. You can either undertake the task yourself, by buying the products and mixing them yourself. Or you can hire a professional to do the work for you. The choice is down to you. Consider the time it will take to complete the job, the costs and the final look, so you can consider your decision.

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