5 one should keep in mind while designing an office space and setting up partitions

Design and layout of every office space can have a huge impact on the productivity and morale of its employees. Employees work harder, longer and more efficiently if the office is stylized and have proper office partitions and layout. But designing an office layout is much more than just setting up a few partitions and moving a few desks. It should be carefully designed to promote engagement and provide productive spaces.

Here are 5 things one should keep in mind while designing an office space and setting up partitions-

  1. Noise- Noise is major source of distraction when it comes to concentrating in your work station. A workspace without a proper layout can easily distract an employee and this can slow down the work process. Open office spaces can prove to be very disturbing as the noise created can prove to be havoc and the productivity can get affected. Reduction in noise should be the first thing to be kept in mind while designing the layout of an office space.
  2. Distraction free- Every office requires a space where employee can go for brainstorming or seek solutions for important issues. Open office spaces have failed when it comes to providing a room or an area where employees can sit down and hash out issues. Here office partitions are important because it can provide workers a space where there are no distractions.
  3. Image of the company- Image of a firm is also very important. Every firm wants keep itself updated according to the current trends and working atmosphere. Every company wants to make its employees feel fresh and comfortable to boost the morale and increase productivity. The look and feel of the company should be in sync with its mission. For some companies that might mean solid partitions of wood and for some the look and feel of glass partitions might be in the best sync with its working and objectives.   
  4. Break area- A break area is also very important in every organization. A break area is very essential for fatigue reduction. Fatigue is the feeling of tiredness. Employees should be given an area where they can feel rejuvenated and the feeling of monotony can decrease. These spaces will provide a healthier overall environment for everyone.
  5. Employee behavior- Office layout must be designed in such a way that it discourages idle conversations. Idle conversations can lead to slow work speed and this can affect the overall productivity. Meeting rooms must be established to promote employee interactions and glass partitions can be installed to encourage staff collaboration but in a healthier way which can be beneficial for the firm.

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A lot of things can make up the environment in an office. Office furniture is one that directly affects the environment and the productivity.

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